Make a wish- wish granted


You become colour blind

I wish to wield the force


Done, you are the dirty hand of a 45 years guy.

I wish troll everyone.


I don’t follow

You troll everyone but the god (me). :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish to be epic


When you use your hand, you need energy, and energy = force.

I said the dirty thing just because.

Done, you are the most epic idiot of everyone.

I wish to know when I will die.


Not that sort of force. :stuck_out_tongue: I meant like in Star Wars

Heuheuheu. :joy: I already am.

You will die in the future.

I wish to live in the present.


Ohh… :thinking: in that case:

You will have it for 1 minute, after that you will be a Stormtrooper.

Are you Trump? :joy:

Done, but you are in an alternative present where everyone are smarter than you.

I wish meet my sister.


Hey hey hey, I proudly fight for that right :triumph:
Proceed :crazy_face:


On Wed I made a prat of myself when I thought that three decimal numbers less than 1 added up to more than 10, and then tried to correct the lecturer. :man_facepalming: :joy: I might have been having an off day.


I wish to SEEM (not be, seem) cool to the others.

I don’t know why I’m asking something so randomly :joy:


Done. Everyone loves Justin Bieber now, therefore you are Justin Bieber.


Meeeeee!!! Yeeeesss!! :heart_eyes:

I won’t ruin it…somebody else can go…


You will, but she’ll have no clue who you are and will call the police on you. :joy:

I wish to be flexible


:joy: :joy:

Granted! You’ll be so flexible you’ll never be able to stand up again…

I wish I can draw anything I have in mind, like Jab does… :heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Granted, but you have to use your own blood as ink.

I wish to be fit


Wish granted, but you can never stop working out, so you can never rest now

I wish to live somewhere with a lot of snow


Granted, you now live in Colombia. Bet that’s not the sort of snow you were after. :joy:

I wish to have infinite tomato juice.


Yaaay! :heart_eyes: :joy:

Granted! The ocean is made of tomato juice and you’ll drown in it!

I wish to can see in the darkness…(without any torch/tool obviously)


You only see the middle knuckle of your left middle finger.

I wish to not feel pain


:joy: I’m gonna pass lol


Done, now you love and hug all the world :wink:

I wish have Spotify premium without paying it.