Make a wish- wish granted


Not bad. But android? C’mon!! :neutral_face:

Have a bad luck for the rest of the life except this week then.

My wish - i get a crack of the shadow of yhe tomb raider game somewhere :joy:


Hey at least just this week but the rest of the day, nah I don’t need luck anymore :joy:

With a virus inside of it :joy:

I wish I could own an Anime figure.


Noooppesss!!! :unamused:


OT: Btw, I haven’t play that game yet, is it good?


It’s my favorite series. Yep it’s gameplay is quite good. The rise of the tomb raider was awesome. It’s got some more new features in its sequel . I love it. :blush:


Seems a good game. If I could play that game someday.


Even i wish to play it someday. I’ll ask my bro if he finds it on steam…


It’s in the Steam

$59.99? Can’t afford it :joy: just wait for Christmas sale and you can get one.


Of course can’t afford! That’s dollars bro! :joy: We’ve got very low currency value in comparison!


Wait til Christmas sale, it lowers the price and if you had enough money for it, you can get one :wink:


Yea. Christmas coming soon! Any plans? Do you celebrate?


Yea, we still had to planned for it.

Also, I don’t think I can participate since I’m always hugging my PC because you know, Gaming habit :joy:

How about there?


:joy::joy: ik that gaming habit. I don’t olay these days cause of lot of other stuffs. Just got up playing asphalt 9 tho

Eh not that much but we do not celebrate… some people do in here… you see some decorations around the city


@Honey8 @NoireXJasper Hey!!! You two cut it out!!!


As you wish. (holds up mirror) you… -.-

(inside the wormie)
I wish others where here
Like @framos1792 and @jFart920


Done. Charlie (the spammer), Chris -Styles- and Rob are with you. Have fun :wink:

I wish those onions (aka @chigokurosaki and @framos1792) come back to the forum and stay here for the rest of their life playing spamming all the game area.


Wish granted but they only have one hour to live

Wish I have my own place


Done. It’s full of trash and you have to clean it up by yourself.

I wish I could meet my future wife today.


@Honey8 , sorry, but the new writing team made a hash of the SOTTR story, they made a bunch of plot holes and suddenly took the story in a new direction. Not to mention that they edited the ending with a day-1 patch and made it worse.


Oh noooo! :fearful: I liked the story yaar never wanted it to change. Let’s see what they do but still! I hope no more changes. I am yet to buy and play it.