Make a wish- wish granted


It’s not that bad, but doesn’t suit the tone or direction of the other two games. And the graphics seem to have gone backwards. I can’t speak for the gameplay as I haven’t played it. I’veo only played the 2013 one.


Sorry bunny :joy::joy:

I suppose this was deliberately lol?

It was really cool. The next one also had better graphics. This one I don’t have much idea . I was mainly excited cause i loved it’s last two.


I played the hell out of the 2013 one, Rise had great graphics, plot wasn’t bad, Shadow was ok. I still think 2013 was the best one overall.


Yea same. That was the best overall. They are degrading.


Better not… she’s so ugly you could faint… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alright… maybe since it’s my birthday this wish comes true…
I wish to be happy forever.


I won’t ruin it.

Done, you will live until you have 1000 years.

I wish I could eat everything I want without paying for it or get fat or that the food taste like shit.


I’ll see the man go to Mars :smiley:

Granted! You’re a garbage can now: you can eat everything you want without getting fat, paying or caring for the taste.

I wish tomorrow is Christmas.


It is, in your dream.

I wish to be able to sleep tonight.


Good one! :joy:

Done, until you die or I get married you will be hearing foxes having sex every night.

I wish I could draw like Jabin.


You miiiiised me :scream::cry::star_struck::hugs::crazy_face:


Granted- but people will love your art and you must draw 24/7

I wish to have as much free and sparetime that I can finally feel bored again :heart_eyes:


Done! When you get bored, you will be more bored than Rob.

I wish to come back to draw everyday as I did in October.


Wish to go to Jerusalem ?


Alright, but you’re gonna stay there forever and ever and can’t leave.

Wish I could take decisions on time.


Done, you take the wrong ones always.

I wish I could have a cat as a pet.


Wish granted, but the cat uses the bathroom only in your room, sorry bro :joy:

I wish I could never get hot


Np, tomorrow I’ll eat it :wink: jaja jk.

Done. You are a piece of ice now :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could work at 8:00 to sleep a little more.


You’ll sleep a little more after you get back home.

I wish I could work from home.


Done, your house is a cubicle of an office.

I wish there was not cool today.


Alright, everything sucks :joy: words’ meaning :smirk:

Wish not to have problems anymore