Make a wish- wish granted


Granted, evey problem you should have is shifted to someone you know and love on top of their own problems.

I wish to have infinite tomato juice.

  1. Why?
  2. You have, it’s tomato juice with farts and dirty underwear inside, do you want to drink it?

I wish it to snow down here


U got it (with the roads untravelled in one package).

I’d like to win a nice car in a lottery.


You win a nice car in a videogame lottery.

I wish there was no health and safety.


Are you trolling?

Alright without health and safety humans won’t exist anymore

Wish my teacher wouldn’t fuck with me


No, I despise health and safety, it’s a huge thorn in my side, gotta deal with it on an almost daily basis in uni.

Sorry, but that’s nonsense.


Human will die without health, the safety feeling is a bonus


What do you call people who have no concern for safety then? :joy:


I’m not sure you understand the sort of health and safety I’m talking about.


i wish that no arguments rise up


There are no arguments but everyone is constantly pissed off cause the feelings and feedom to express their points of view are suppressed

I wish I won some money or even some more money


or differnet POVs :joy:

you won the lottery

i wish i was taller


Won the lottery and what happens? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


rob Donald Trump then :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Got it. You are taller but every time you get up, you hit the ceiling.

I wish it was just Friday after work


its FRiday night

i wish i could die and reborn and repeat the cycle


I need you to be more clear otherwise ai can’t bring down your wish


Everytime you born you die on the moment so you got always one second life eternally


What’s your wish? (I’m a fairy! :fairy: or a goldfish :tropical_fish: - haven’t decided yet)


Oh right my wish, well goldfish, I wish to not be so unlucky