Make a wish- wish granted


Got it! But frequent luck will make you bored for sure.

I wish I had a job where my basic task would be listening to (good) music.


Done, you will listen to their “good” music starting by justin bieber and despacito :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had time to read and reply back all I’ve lost here in the last 3 weeks.


I don’t want ‘good’, I want GOOD. :slight_smile:

You got it. Now you have nothing to do in life but read LP for the rest of your life.

I wish tomorrow was Friday.


Thanks :smile: but remember, the main idea is corrupt the wish, I mean, grant it, but in the worst possible escenario.

Done, you have to work all the day without any break.

I wish I could have my own unicorn.


You got one. But you are a cartoon character now.

I wish I had a magic stick.


U got it (gives u a stick with ‘magic’ written on it’)

I wish for killer dust bunnies


@framos1792 you’re in trouble again :rofl:


@IronSoldier16 are you active today just because you want to show everyone your cake? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alright psycho, but they will kill you

I wish I will have good marks at school always


Lol no :joy: yesterday was a very productive day, so I decided to spend some hours here and I had (still have) a lot of threads without reading.

Done, but all of them are for bad things, I. e. The slowest student, the most annoying person and the record of more expulsions in one month, etc.

I wish I had ready my classes for all the year.


Wait are you a teacher?


Yes :upside_down_face: jaja why the question? I’m teacher, writer and mostly important a LPU member :smile:


Oh wow! Just asking :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Now I know how to ruin your wish :smiling_imp:

Your class will be so so so bad that you can do nothing, someone hurts so you will get fired :smiling_imp::fire:

I wish my classmates will pay for the damage they did


It is already like that :joy: so I’m fine with that :stuck_out_tongue: JK

Done, they have to pay with money all their sins, but for that, they will steal you all your money every night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish I could sleep for 10 hours without lose my job or any other important thing.


Granted - but you will be completely confused after that

I wish I would have never have to work again and have a good income nevertheless :heart_eyes:


You will never work again and will receive 10000 € every month, but you can never leave your home town again!

I wish i won the jackpot in the lotary


Granted - but 1500 peeps had played the same numbers- so the jackpot was 1000 bucks each :joy::joy: only

I wish my hometown is LA, Ca


Saaaaaame!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Get out of my head… :laughing: :heart_eyes:

:thinking: How to ruin this wish…
Granted! You live in LA now BUT you have to share your home/food etc with me!!! :blush: :grin:

I wish to go at every Mike show :crazy_face: :tada:


Oh no, don’t let me ruin this…
Fine, you can go! But you have to take me with you and always pay for me!

I wish I am not anxious anymore.


Yaaaay!! :tada: :tada: yes! You go with me and @theearlywalker ! :crazy_face: :heart: :hugs:

Granted! You won’t be anxious anymore… cause you now live with me and Pat and don’t have time to have those kind of thoughts! :tada: :tada: :crazy_face:

@theearlywalker , rent a flat for 3 pleeeeease! :sun_with_face: :crazy_face: :grin:

I wish we don’t need money to buy things :money_with_wings:


You have to kidnap him then :stuck_out_tongue: