Make a wish- wish granted


Apple juice :green_apple:


Made of apples stuffed with worms.


Agree 100%


Granted, you just get lots of skirmishes regularly.

I wish for a pen that never runs out.


The pen you ask comes from the Underworld and it writes with blood

I wish I knew everything


That’s not an issue for me.


Done. You know about poop.

I wish everyone gets laugh of my bad jokes.


Ha ha ha ha ha that’s really funny! Granted, I am already starting laughing at everything you say and want

I wish I can fly


You are able to fly but can’t land.

I wish I could have stayed in bed a little bit longer.


I’m off of the Earth, on a ride, alone, I’m drifting away, out of time, afloat

Then a meteora falls and you will stay there until you are buried into the ground

I wish my heart can feel only love


Your heart is full of love, no room for blood. It’s extremely unhealthy.

I wish I had no wishes.


Granted, but now you can’t view this thread anymore and will miss out on ALL THE FUN.

I wish I could re-unite with a lost friend of my choice.


You can but you will see how he/she changed and wish you had never wanted to see her/him

I wish you can see how my dog is lovely :heart_eyes:


Granted but I’m not a dog person xD

I wish I could sing well


You can, but you are also mute so you will never be able to do it

I wish I could never get ill


Awwwwww!!! Sooooooo cuteeeeeee!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart:

@mish3lka come see this beauty! :heart_eyes:


Hell no! I am Iron man again :cry: :sob:

Done, you are a rock now :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could end all my work in the next 10 hours and it’s very well done.


Granted! You end your works, but now you have to do aaaaaall the works of the others!! Muahahajaja :joy:

I wish I have enough time to do whatever I want


I don’t care, I will do it bad and they must repeat it by themselves :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Done, you won’t be able to enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish Mike came to Guatemala.


:joy: :rofl:


Granted! Mike comes to Guatemala buuuuuuut you aren’t there, but closed in the bat cave!! :joy:

I wish I don’t have white hair like a granny… (I have very few now :laughing: )