Make LP Great again at Kickstarter #MLPGA



This Project is created to please all oldschool Linkin Park Fans. I will collect money to finance “MAKE LP Great Again” Merchandise and with the rest of the money to pay the band to make a new album in Hybrid Theory Style or play one Liveshow with the Setlist of “Live in Texas” so every oldschool fan can make a break of all the hate lately and make it to something positiv!!!

I will set the goal to 1.000.000€. I think this is at least the amount needed to get attention from the band and their record label. I hope all oldschool fans are strong in this community and after the big shitstorm on the web we can show with some deeds that our will to get new music is strong like our love for the first two records!!!



Please tell me you’re trolling cause I’m dying of laughter right now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


It’s a try comming out of a funny Idea…I just thought why not! ;D


No, in all seriousness, you are joking right?


Let’s see what the web community can do…I would do that if stuff gets serious and I want to see if all the people who can hate on the web also have balls and can support!


Oh, you’re one of them… ok.


I would not say so…I have a good sense of humor and can let it go. I am just interested if people complaining have the guts to do something.


Feel free but you cannot promote this sort of thing here, sorry.


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