Mall Movie-White Noise


I know I am late to the party, but I am now discovering that the song White Noise is or was available for free download. Does anyone know if it still is and if so how to get it? When I click on the link I found, I am brought to LP’s website and the youtube video of White Noise. I read you had to enter your email, but there’s nowhere to enter my email that I was able to find. Thanks in advance for the help.


I think it isn’t free anymore as the full Mall Soundtrack is available on iTunes for 9,99$ now.


Oh ok, I just noticed on their facebook that the soundtrack is out. Guess I’ll pay for it lol. Thanks for the info.


Go figure…now that the soundtrack is available for purchase, I find the free download of White Noise in my email. This is what happens when your computer crashes and you’re off the grid for awhile lol.