Manchester Nov 22nd....M&G!


Hi everyone!!

Who else is going to see LP in Manchester this weekend??!!! (Nov 22nd)

Saw them in 2010 in Birmingham for the ATS world tour and also I went to download this year and saw then play Hybrid Theory from front to back it was unbelievable!!!

I purchased the meet and greet package and I am in the general admission standing area because that is the best bit!! I am very excited/nervous about meeting my hero’s… anyone else’s first time meeting them or maybe your first time seeing them? Let me tell you from what I’ve seen you will not be disappointed!!!

See you soon!!



Hey Emily.

I’m not sure that the lottery people will know if they got M&G til later today, possibly tomorrow judging at the days and times everyone else has found out. So I guess you’ll get more of a response then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to the show with 2 friends, so I’m kinda hoping that if I get M&G one of them will just be happy for me, or I can meet the other LPU’ers.

How friendly are you guys, anyway?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey there…

Good luck with the meet and greet lottery hope you get one!! Me and my sister are going we are so excited!!! Regarding your question we are very friendly but when it comes to meeting LP we will be very shy I expect!

“It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head”


Hoping to get a chance to meet them. Still waiting for the lottery. It’s been closed for a few hours now and still no word. If someone gets an email, can you please confirm on here so at least we know when they’re sending them.


Got my M&G confirmation email a couple of days back, can’t wait except for the fact I have to leave all my friends :smile: