Manila M&G


Hi LPUers

Who got picked in Manila M&G!


uh…I only received LPU meetups for Hong Kong and Tokyo not the actual M&G and the contest end in about 2 days. Is it like this ? Do people receive M&G before contest ends ?

I Wish me and my wife get picked still…


still hoping sa email. =D


Meeeeeeee!!! Let’s make a habang-ako-yung-nasa-harap-ng-LP-papicture-gamit-phone-ko-pls scheme! Hehehe

I also hope you guys receive your emails today!!!



Hahahaha XD


Me! I’ll be at the Arena at 1pm! I’ll be calling you Marcial!

See you guys soon!


See you guys! I’ll arrive in Manila around 2PM then I’ll go straight to the Arena. :slight_smile:



Hahahaha XD[/quote]

Right?? We all have to work together!! Lol!!


NGHHHH I’m just hoping it’s after 2 PM! My exam finishes at 2 :-SS


Aye! Although I wish I am Jesus, wherein I can divide my pass into hundreds more to accommodate everyone.


You guys are sooo lucky. :frowning:


I still can’t believe it. After 10 years! I could cry just thinking about it.

We’re all having breakfast just before the M&G. Come!
Please text me 09155690013.
Then drinks on me at Fort after! To reminisce out favourite moments.


i got in!! see you there! :smiley:


ME TOO!!! :smiley:

I need some enlightenment, how can I prove that I’m an LPU member since di raw naman need yung laminated ID?? Only the printed email of my Ticket Order ang ipapakita ko?? :slight_smile:


Me!! Count me in please!! See you all there!!! Super excited!! :smiley: [surprised]


Woohoo! I got one slot last Thursday. Sayang di nakakuha misis ko. See you guys tomorrow.



Hahahaha XD[/quote]

Right?? We all have to work together!! Lol!![/quote]

Pwede ba guys makisali sa scheme ninyo tomorrow? [smile][cool] I promised my wife to get her some pics.[smile]


I’m reading this thread now. Hello guys! Haha