Mash-up Linkin park, Twenty one pilots and Rise Against?


Well, here’s the thing.
My friends and i had this idea, to make a mash-up song of our favorite bands
Linkin Park(my favorite ofcourse) Twenty one Pilots and Rise Against. but im probably the only one of us who’s actually gonna try and make it a thing, and at the moment im kinda clueless where to start, so i want to ask you guys, what songs of them (if you know the other two bands ofcourse) do you think fit together? right now im just collecting some instrumentals and accapella’s to experiment, but i wonder what you guys think is a good match for the mash-up

(Im not sure if this thingy will work out anyway but ill try to make the best of it, and if it sounds horrible, well, youre probably not gonna hear it anyways then hehe. oh and dont expect to much, im not really what people call a musician :stuck_out_tongue: )


Start with finding which songs have the same or almost the same BPM. I guess when you got that figured out you can start doing whatever it is to mash them up.


i have not heard 21pilots. But I like the idea of Rise Against + LP. I will get back on this soon :smile:


First, what program are you using to mix them? (Ableton, Garageband, etc.)


And I would say just go with 2 songs to start, I would say Rise Against and LP


Haha Stagelight (Linkin Park Edition)


im probably going to do it with Adobe Audition