Maximus fest - lpu event


I have a question for you guys, LPU will have an event on the MAXIMUS FEST in argentina, or the LPU events are only for the Linkin park’s exclusive concerts? I already buy my ticket for the MAXIMUS FEST, and it will be great if LPU organize a meet and greets there


What exactly do you mean by an “LPU event”?


I’m talking specifically about the meet and greet, I assume that it’s an event organized by LPU, or i’m wrong


A m&g takes place at every show, and yes, you need to be a LPU member in order to be eligible for one.


ok, understood, but why there’s not any news about that Festival. I read news of the concerts that will be in chile and peru, but nothing about this metal festival in brasil and argentina, that’s why I asked. Only the exclusive Linkin Park Concerts will have the M&G, or those two Festivals too? Those festivals have many metal groups playing during 12 hours… one of the mains groups is LP


M&G information isn’t really released before 2 months before the shows or so don’t worry. They do them at every show, festival or not.


Great!!! thanks for the info!!


And… The M&G raffle will be done 1 week before the concert.


Are you sure of that? The raffle always been one week before the show? Can’t wait to see if I won the m&g or not!! Sorry for my bad english :joy:


how can someone win a m&g opportunity? how can you participate?


As far as I know, they send you an email one week before the show, letting you know that you win a place in the M&G…


but, how? how they know if you’re going to go to the concert, I suppose that you have to do something to participate…


You have to be a LPU member to be elegible for a m&g. Once the m&g sign ups are open and you RSVP, you just wait to see if you won. It is a random draw and winners are notified a week or a few days before the show.


thanks evooba, once again, you have the answer​:laughing::ok_hand:


do you know approximately how much time before the show they open the m&g sign ups? I don’t wanna lose the chance of having m&g just because I never knew when to sign up
thank you in advance!


Usually a month before, but you’ll be notified by email and it’ll be posted on the main site. You won’t miss it.


Thank you so much!


I can’t wait for them to announce the M&G for these shows…is it too much to ask???


I’m very anxious too!


Yuuup!! I wanna know too! First time that I’m participating :raised_hands:t3: