Maximus Festival Brazil


Hello everyone!
Who’s going?
I hope to see you there.

M&g maximus-são paulo-brazil-2017

Working on that… Hope I’ll be able to go.
Would be better if they come to others city, especially mine. :grin:


I will be at the Maximus Festival in Brazil and Argentina! :grin:


Hey guys… I heard yesterday on the radio that this festival has a exclusivity contract with the bands. It means that LP will only play in this festival. In fact, they were talking about Rock in Rio, but they said that the Maximus Festival also has this exclusivity contract.

Does anyone knows something about it?

I’m asking because I was hoping that LP would do others shows in others cities here in Brazil, and I didn’t bought the ticket for the festival yet. Maybe announce it after releasing the new song, or something…


@taissacartolano I believe they won’t, since they’ll be on a festival run… If I’m not mistaken they’ll be in Argentina and Brazil for Maximus Festival and after that Chile and Peru for different fests. :disappointed:


I think that Chile and Peru are before Argentina… Brazil, until now, is the last country they will pass on the Latin america tour. The festival in Brazil will be on May 13, and the next date booked is June 9, in Paris… Almost one month! But now that we know that the album will be released on May 19, they probably won’t do any other show here. :cry:


I’m going to The Maximus in Buenos Aires! I haven’t bought the ticket yet but I’m going to next week. I’m exttremely excited. That will be my first time watching Linkin Park live and I’m so happy :heart_eyes:


Hahaha, that’s great! I’ve been to 3 shows, but I always get as excited as the first time! <3 I’ve made a lot of friends waiting in line for the shows, so I hope you’ll get the best experience!

Edit: btw @marcxlala, in the “Latinamerican users” thread you can talk with @lupedhs, maybe you can join her and her Soldiers Argentinos group at the Festival in Buenos Aires! :smiley:


Exactly everybody is welcome in our group :slight_smile:


Just waiting for my tickets :smiley:


Me too!!! :smile:
Maximum anxiety :joy:


I’m going to this one and Santiago’s. So excited!


I’ll be there. It will be the second time that I will see the band! The first was at the show in 2012. It was an amazing experience, hopefully it has M & G.


There will be M&G at Maximus Brazil???

Anyone knows???



I heard it opens on Friday the 28th!


Thank you!!!


Anyone from Brazil is attending the Peru’s gig as well?


O have go M & G LP maximus festival


[quote=“mrsazalini, post:14, topic:18175”]
There will be M&G at Maximus Brazil???

Anyone knows???



7 dayssss :heart_eyes_cat: