Me and my 6yrs old son live in italy


Hello guys

I have a request

My 6 yrs old son is crazy for the LP songs and he found out the in June the band will be live in Monza Italy.

So he already started to stress me to go there and see the concert :smiley:

Now the problem… I think that it will be too soon for him to go to the concert so now I’m trying to collect some suggestions…

what you will do if in my position? :smiley:

thanks for your comment


Hey, congrats to ya son… me a mother too, mine was 11 on her first show.Be aware, if you go to a headline show it is diverse than a festival.My experience: trust LP, the guys are so responsible on their shows due to kids… :smiley:


My worries are about going to a festival with sooooo many ppl
and in the middle of thousands of persons that are not paying attention to the kids, but just pushing the others to go close to the front barriers to stay under the stage…


As I mentioned, festivals are diverse…


Don’t festivals and concerts have like a minimum age? I don’t want to sound impolite but taking a 6 year old to a concert isn’t what you call sensible.


I wouldn’t take such a young child to a concert, headline show or festival. If you really need to take him no matter what, I would suggest VIP/seated tickets that are usually far far away from the craziness of the arena.


1000% agree,

I never consired that we are talking about anything else then VIP-Packs? :scream:
sorry my fault :joy:


One of my worries is the noise too. I was thinking to bring some hear protection or something like that…
VIP pack not sure if available in this case, not even sure there will e some seats

When I was younger I went to backstage of Metallica but I was very like.
Just go to visit the backstage and a kind of pre concert would be great too

In any case I see a great future of concerts with him!!! :metal:


People really don’t give a rats anus about you or your kid when they are at a festival or concert. Some people are real douchbags and will push, shove and even start a fight just to get closer to the stage. Not everyone at every concert/festival is like that, though. But I think it’s best to keep the worst scenario in mind when thinking of the safety of your 6-year-old.

I was 13 when I went to my first real live concert and my cousin was 9. She was only allowed to come with because:

  1. we were leashed together [with dog leashes] to make sure we would not lose each other in the crowd
  2. my lil cousin [she is part Chinese and was very petite at that time] had to wear protective knee and wrist pads incase she’d get shoved or pushed really hard.
  3. I made sure to protect her with my life

Actually had to punch a bunch of teens just to make sure they wouldn’t stand on her. We survived the concert, it was quite a lot of fun and we still laugh about it now at least 18 years ago…

But seriously, thinking back how violent some of the fans were… Just wow…

FYI: This was not a rock concert but at a friggin Backstreet Boys concert.


It is axactly the scenario that I have in my mind and that’s why I would like to go far far away from the stage
But in any case I think we won’t go
I remember my first concert at 11 am Italian pop singer , girls fighting to reach the stage :grimacing:
Then megadeath at 13 , I was close to some guys with joints big like the apollo 13!!! You can imagine the smell and the smoke
Actually is not so simple, maybe impossible to attend to a concert in safe conditions
Maybe ina theatre would be easier and safer
But, can you imagine for example “in the end” in a fucking MTV unplugged seassion!!! :skull:


A family of 5 - parents, 5yr old daughter, 8 and 10yr old sons - were at a concert I attended recently. The moment I saw them in the barricade I knew something bad was going to happen cause:

  1. Who goes to a concert wearing freaking flip flops?! (all 5 of them)
  2. Who lets their yoing kids be at a barricade?
  3. Who thinks it’s ok to have a 5yr old on your shoulders, in the barricade, in a crazy crowd?

They must have been one of those “I don’t care about your opinion and safety policies” parents cause when they were asked to move back for the sake of their kids, they denied. The daughter and one of the sons were hurt during the 1st two songs and those idiots didn’t care!! Security had to pull the kids out, it was crazy.

@bpaolo10 If it weren’t a festival, it’d be awesome if you could go and watch the show from the seats.


Perhaps in a concerthall with seats is indeed the safest option.

It would be awesome if LP did an unplugged session, btw. I’d definitely starve myself to be able to buy tickets to see that :stuck_out_tongue: