Meet and greet - Concord


Has anyone gotten notified about being picked or yet?? How does it work?


If you are picked you will get an email from Lorenzo and LPU Headquarters stating you were picked. I got my email yesterday for the show on Saturday. Then you will get another email on the day of the show with the information on time and where to meet.


I wonder why they chose concord over shoreline. Not complaining, since I live much closer to Concord and Shoreline is a pain in the ass to get public transport from after 10pm, for those of us who want to drink and definitely don’t want to be driving…The venue is maybe half the size though. Given the line-up I’m surprised. I saw LP at Shoreline with Incubus in 2012.

I wonder why they don’t play in any of the arena venues here. I like that it’s outdoors, since it’s still hitting 100 degrees.

That aside I’ve not gotten an email on the M&G, but that doesn’t mean anything. It’d be awesome if there was an automated feature in LPU that shows when those emails have been sent. It’d save them from getting tons of emails asking.

That said, I bought a 350 ticket because I figure they’d have notified people by now, so it’d be kinda weird if I got picked in the lottery. I’ve gotten no details from that purchase, so it would be no shock to me if Concord concert-goers haven’t received their M&G emails yet. Still I won’t feel guilty if I were to be chosen since I’ve spent plenty on LPU over the years and haven’t been selected in over 2 years. Just means I’d get two posters signed instead of one.


@ninjarabi Oh okay, thank you! I just got an email for the M&G. Could not be more excited right now especially since it falls on my birthday. Can you say best birthday ever?? Lol

@Mega I went to their show at the Shoreline back in 2012 with Incubus too and I thought the same thing about why they chose this venue instead. Then I remembered that a 2-day event called Beyond Wonderland will be going on there Saturday/Sunday and that event takes A LOT of setting up lol
I have yet to go to the concord venue though. I hear good things about it though other than it being a little bit smaller than say the Shoreline but they probably just couldn’t book it there so it was either concord or no show for the bay at all. Best of luck to you on the M&G though!! Hope to see you there! :smiley:


Congrats on getting the email!

I didn’t get one, but I have the one I paid for, so that’ll work just fine :slight_smile:

I received an emails already for the bought ticket. That has a 4:30pm pickup time, 5:30pm early entry to go to the pre show eat/drink thing that I believe was for sale to LPU members.

Concord isn’t sold out and still has pit tickets. You’d think a Friday night would be prime time for getting a sellout. The Shoreline show had all the seated area sold out pretty fast.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Concord though. Looking at all the west coast dates though, it looks like they struggled with making the dates all work. I guess having a show in Sacramento helps.


I got my email saying I have been selected for the meet n greet from the raffle. I’m also glad it’s concord since it’s a lot easier to get to living in the easy bay. That 2012 show was great but shoreline is a pain in the ass.