Meet and Greet Entries


How does one enter the Meet and Greet contest for Each City and how many cities can you enter? Is it one per tour,One per city and when is the deadline to enter?


Once they are ready to be signed up for I believe they will show up at

I’m not sure about the limits though


It’s unlikely that you will be chosen for 2 Meet & Greets during one tour, because they want to give as many people as possible the chance to meet the band.


You can enter for as many M&Gs as you want (as long as you make sure to actually attend every single one you apply for).
The amount of M&Gs you get chosen for is all up to the lottery… But since LPUHQ wants to give everyone a fair chance, you most likely won’t get selected for more than 1 date max. per tour, in case you applied for several.

All M&Gs will be listed on the Contests page. Usually about a month before each tour.


Hey @Greggoes, the M&G entries are now open!