Meet and Greet first timer


I just purchased my first meet and greet package and was curious what all this entails (besides what’s listed on the info pages). I’ve never done a meet and greet whether it be package or lottery and was hoping to get some insight. How much time do we spend with the band? Do we have a chance to ask questions? Where does it typically take place? Are all band members present? How many people are usually in the meet and greet group (5, 10, 100?).

Any info or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated!


I had my first M&G 2 days ago :smiley:
I also had the deluxe package.

-we spend around 20 min with the band
-there were 2 M&Gs one with the lottery people and one with the package people
-we were around 25 people
-you can ask a few questions while the band member signs your item
-all members are present

Hope I could answer your questions :wink:


Thanks for the great info! I’m looking forward to my first experience in a few months!


I was selected to the M & G at the show in Brasília. We were about 30 people. We didn’t have much time to ask questions and be with the band. We only had the time while they were signing the itens. And they arrived late, so we had a very short time with the band. And in my case, Brad was apcent ’ cause he was sick and didn’t came to Brazil. But i guess, unless happens something serious, all the band are always present.