Meet and Greet for Sept 11, Verizon Amp


Does anyone know if LP is doing a Meet and Greet on Sept. 11 at the Verizon Amp in Irvine, CA? I could have sworn that I entered the lottery and now it isn’t showing that they are having one. :o(


They should be. I’m not sure as to where you can’t see it. If you’re talking about not seeing it in the contests page, it’s not there because the entry for that ended on the end of July


Great! Thank you! I thought I was losing my mind! :o)


I entered the lottery, but haven’t received any email that I won. Hope there are some lucky winners out there.


Me either. I’m going insane!


I bought the VIP M&G package but I have not received any info on what time. I wonder if I will have to miss a portion of the concert, like at the Incubus/Linkin Park show in Carson in which I had to miss most of Incubus. The package says it includes a CD of the upcoming album and official merchandise, I wonder if that is passed out at the venue and the official laminate for early entry. Am I allowed to bring a dSLR? I saw some guys bring theirs last concert and I didn’t bring anything but a cell phone that didn’t take great pics.

Well I am going by myself and pit ticket is included. If anyone would like to meet up or help take photos of each other during the meet and greet, let me know. I figure we can take pics of each other and then email each other.

I am super excited but I hope I don’t freeze up like I did last time.


Did anyone get the meet and greet lottery e-mail?


Nope not even ppl who purchased the m&g package


Well this just sucks! :o( I want one! ERRR! :o)


I got a Meet & Greet (by lottery) for tonight… Its my first one! I’m excited!!


That is great Mary! You will have a blast! I have been to one but was hoping for another. :o)


Thanks Dana! Im both excited and nervous lol. I hope I dont pass out! I already know Im going to freeze as soon as I see them [lol]


If it makes you feel any better I froze too! Star struck as all hell! Still had them sign my stuff but I was embarrassed! Have a great time!