Meet And Greet, Lima, Peru


Hey, I just joined LPU to try to win a Meet and Greet with the band, here in Lima. But when I go to the Meet and Greet site, it displays a “No meet and greets available at this time”… Am I too late? I thought you had until the very last week before the concert to apply… I need help, please :frowning: I’m desperate…


I don’t think they’ve been announced yet.


Really? There haven’t been any Meet and Greet announced yet? Can you, or anyone, confirm that? Sorry if I’m being too cocky or anything… But I’m a little frustrated since I almost got to see them at Download 2014 (I had everything bought, but the UK denied my visa, and I lost my chance to see them for the first time and playing my favorite album, and of course, the money) and I really want to see them this time, and if I could get a Meet and Greet that would be awesome…


Having been in the LPU a long time, I’ve come to expect almost everything to be announced at the last second. Personally, I’d give it another week or couple weeks until they say anything.


Thank you very much. I’ll wait then.


Stay tuned: this Friday the meet & greet registrations to South America will be opened!
See you there :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!!


Just got informed that the applications have been postponed until next Monday.


Until when can I get LP membership? :sob: :confounded: