Meet and greet opportunities


Does anyone know if there are other ways to get a meet and greet besides the lottery? Do they offer any other types of contests? My son has autism and cystic fibrosis and wants to meet them so badly. He’s not understanding the whole lottery concept, lol. I tried the pre sale contest but unfortunately came in 8th. I cannot afford the VIP package.


Not that I know of, and I am seeing this talk about the presale contest. I bought pit tickets pre sale registered from FB and didn’t get entered in any contest that I know of? How would I find out


For the pre-sale I think you needed to come in 1 or 2 in the city you registered for to have won a M&G. I saw on here that a little before the concert they have a M&G contest that is like a lottery and randomly select people for it.


Ahh ok thank you! And yeah there is always meet and greet contests on here for each show. Usually a couple months prior so we still got some time