Meet and Greet Photo - Auburn Hills, MI Show 8-21-2012


Still waiting on the meet and greet photo for the Michigan show! Seems like every show after was posted. Any updates?? Is there going to be a picture posted??? Did someone delete it???


I have been thinking and wondering the same thing! If it did get deleted, I believe we deserve some sort of conpensation!


At least some sort of response would be nice!


So that’d be - Detroit, Auburn Hills and Edmonton that they’ve misplaced or deleted or something… Not too happy about that. And no response from Adam or anyone I’ve tried contacting.


Our for the Edmonton show was the same thing. They posted all the later ones but ours is not there


Wish they would post it!!!


sick of waiting :frowning:


Me too :frowning:


I wish someone can tell us what happened to our photo. This is crazy!


My guess its probably long gone and we wont ever be seeing it