Meet and Greet Photo Mansfield


So I bought my LINKIN PARK - Meet & Greet Package in Mansfield, MA. It was on august 16, they told that they will put all the photos on the website or send some email with the photos, the problem is that I was looking for my meet and greet photo and there is not even a single one photo from my group. In the website there is only one group photo, I bought that ticket because of the photos, how can I have access to that meet and greet photos? Please if someone has the same problem and know how to get those photos please help me!!!


The Mansfield M&G photos have been up for quite some time now. Here’s how to find them:

1] In the upper bar on any page in the LPU site, click on “Media”.
2] From the selections that appear, click on"Photos".
3] On the next page, click on “Meet & Greets”.
4] On the page after that, click on the picture for “CARNIVORES TOUR”.
5] The Mansfield selection picture will be on the lower section of the next page (I’m in that picture BTW). Once you get into the gallery, page navigation is accomplished by clicking on the arrowheads at the bottom of the page.

Hope that helps. You should be able to find your pictures in the selections they have up.