Meet and Greet Photos, taking by LP Photographers


guys im a little concerned, because i really want to get a good picture of me and the guys, when the come to signed my item, well im attendign to mexicos concert, so i was wondering, if the photographers, who takes LP TVs photos and videos are going to do the same as they did in USA?


Mark and Missy are always around taking random photos at the m&gs. You can never know if they’ll get one of you when one of the guys is near you or if you’re just waiting for your turn. You’ll know when they’ll be posted in the media section.


I’ve handed my camera off to people next to me for amateur pictures before.

When I was at the Summit in Darien Lake last summer, Lorenzo and LuLu told us the photographers would be walking around the group and taking pictures of everybody, and not to worry (which, I’m sure you know, not exactly everybody gets a picture taken). I actually hung back for a few minutes afterwards with Mike, and was lucky enough to get one. We were also told not to take any selfies (not that I would anyway), for reasons that, if one person wanted one, then everybody would want one with each member, and that would slow them down a lot.

But as I said, you can always pass your camera or phone off to another LPUer to take pictures for you (if they don’t mind).


What @lp13413 said.

But keep in mind that security may not let you snuck any photos at all for various reasons.


@grecia_lp Time for Beg, Borrow & Steal. Step 1 - Beg Mark and Missy for a pic. Step 2 - Borrow someone’s camera to get a pic. (I mean, if security catches you as @evooba mentioned, at least someone else might carry a pic of yours). Step 3 - Steal your favourite band member and take him home.


I would go to step 3 immediately :smile: