Meet and greet picture not posted still!


I’m so made that they have not posted the meet and greet for aubrun hill show back in Aug. When I ask about it they act like i don’t know what state I was in !This is crap


Every HCT photo is here
If a photo of your show is not there it’s probably cause they didn’t take any photos at that show. It happens from time to time.


Ummmm i know for a fact they did take a group photo at the one in Auburn Hills Mi, cause uhhhh i was at that concert lol and i did attend the M&G witch was my first one ever btw i am also really pissed that the photo is still not posted [sad].Cause like i said it was my frist time meeting the band also, but i did talk to adam about it a while back and he said the dude who took the photo hasint gottin back to him about it and hes not responding to his emails. Now i havent talked to adam about it in a few months but ik there still is not a photo up, on the sight idk what went wrong and why the guy who took it wont give up the picture. I really do find it quite odd and questionble i would suggest u email adam and ask if he has heard anything or has talked to the guy about it, if you want me to i wil be gladly to email him for you cause i do too want answers cause i see your from Ohio. this im still not very happy it isint up, and im not sure u attended that concert but it really upsets me from a girl who lives in MI and got to exsprience that moment for the first time ever. Its a picture that if i get to ever see it would mean the world to me and it would make me always remember that night at least i get to stare at the sighned poster i have and some pics that i can rememeber that night from let me know if u hear anything :slight_smile: