Meet and greet problem


Hello, Im trying to attend the meet and greet at Bråvalla in Sweden. But when I try a window comes up “this page is only for authenticaded users”.
Whats wrong? Im a LPU member, i have a ticket to the show.


Have you redeemed your LPU code?


No, how do I do that?


If you bought the membership directly, the quote below should help you. If it’s from a One More Light pre-order, it should be very similar, the email you received will just be different


Oh thank you so much. Now I just have to wait and see if im lucky enough to win.


You’re welcome. Good luck!


Hello. Please help. I do not have that e-mail and so cannot enter the meet and greet competition??


Did you purchase a membership or pre-order One More Light from the Linkin Park website?


Hi. Yes. I purchased the $40 membership in April.
I never received any e-mails as you suggested earlier and when I log in, it tells me that my membership level is just account, so have just paid $10 extra for the digital membership and entered the competition.


If you are okay with having purchased another membership, that’s alright, I guess, but you probably could have contacted LPU support to get things sorted out