Meet and greet questions


I bought the 350$ ticket package and I’m wondering if I’m gonna miss some of the opening acts. Cause I kindoff wanna c AFI but I really wanna c 30stm and I’ll be a little bummed if I miss some. Does anyone know? Also, if the show starts at 8 like usual, what time is the meet and greet usually at? Thank you


My tickets say the show starts at 630pm for the VA location. Your tickets should show the start time.


When I had meet and greet for Honda civic tour we missed almost all of incubus, so you will def get to see AFI but don’t plan on much of 30stm


Both times i have been selected for the M&G, I missed all the other bands. I am the same way…i don’t want to miss 30STM. I have been wanting to see them forever & they hardly tour in the south. Good luck!!


I heard that the meet and greet from the package available with this tour are going to be separate from the LPU meet and greet. This seems legit because it comes with a special group photo with the band members. I don’t think management would want to bombard them with the meet and greets right after each other? We still have a while before the carnivores tour to find out details about both. Lorenzo will post closer to the tour I’m sure once he finds out all the info.

I can’t wait for tour!


Whoops I forgot to say… My point is that this meet and greet is definitely before lp’s set but could be during either afi or 30stm set so yes you would miss one of them. :confused:


I’m hoping I’m missing afi. I won’t mind that cause they are playing at a music festival near me 3 weeks before the LP concert anyways.