Meet and greet - Roma


Hey! Has anyone received the email for the meet and greet in Rome?


why … they have the names ???


It’s the first time I do this, so I have no idea when they send the emails… that’s why I’m asking. Do you know something?


The contest closed today, so give them time… ^^
I think they will start sending them tomorrow!


Oh, okay! Thanks! It’s my first time so I have no idea about this topic.


Speriamo di essere sorteggiati!!


Nessuna mail??


Sorry, I don’t speak Italian. I used Google Translate for that. I don’t have any email from Linkin Park saying that I won the M&G.


It seems to be normal that they send out the emails some days after the contest closed.
I entered the lottery for the Rock Im Sektor M&G which closed Monday and got my email today.


Okay! Thank you so much for telling me this! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :wink:


I’m hoping I get chosen for meet and greet as well… Nothing in my inbox yet.

Anyone American on here that wants to meet up? I came all the from home (US) to see LP after my show from the U.S. Tour was cancelled.

Let me know !


I still wait too. So if you win give information :wink:


nothing :,(


nessuna mail!


Ancora niente


Sulla pagina Facebook di Linkin Park Italia dicono che alcune persone hanno giĂ  ricevuto gli inviti :frowning:


I have received today confirmation for Meet and greet in Roma, i am so happy.


cosi pare…io nulla…che tristezza…ci speravo proprio… :frowning:


nulla neanche io. è dal 2008 che non vinco un M&G. che fortuna eh? :unamused: !