Meet and greet. Ukraine, Odessa. 12 th of June 2012


the guy on the photo is me, hi)

devushku toje ishu)[/quote]

Kak to ves koncert tysili i m&g a kontaktami obmenatsa zabili, devushka eto natasha, vot ona ->, vot ja ->


In a few days I’ll post a link of the whole archive of my pics from the gig and m&g here (nearly 2 Gb). Stay tuned. BTW, I didn’t see a single pic of myself from m&g. Did anyone shoot pictures of people in front of them during m&g?




One of my favourite songs )))


And just uploaded Burn it Down


Linkin Park - Given Up (not full) in Odessa


Dear russian speaking LPUers and users. Thank you for your photos and videos! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of us. I gladly present you my M&G report - please, make sure you start from the BEGINING! -


Nice one!!!


great photos! thanks! :slight_smile:


does anyone know who was this girl who helped Migumi and other english-speaking lady, with a vinyl disc ATS? [smile][redface]


Naskol’ko ya ponyal - odna iz organizatorov.


The full archive of my pics from the M&G and gig itself.
The code is: 871572822951


[quote=DennisT239]The full archive of my pics from the M&G and gig itself.
The code is: 871572822951[/quote]
ohhh, nice job! sooooooo many good snaps, thank you very much!


Rastyagivayte na wallpeypery.
I mozhet kto-to eshe podelitsya fotkami, a to ya sebya i nayti nigde tolkom ne mogu.


Hey! Do you still have the photos from M&G in Odessa??


Hello! Do you have the photos from Odessa M&G in 2012??


Hey! Yes, I do.
I have an archive somewhere on external drive.


Hey! Yes, I do.


Hi! I have some photos too


Could you please send to