Meet and greet!


Has anyone ever won the meet & greet before? I just signed up to meet them in mansfield ma august 14th. Wish me luck. Anyone else that signed up too good luck! I’ve never met them before and I really hope I get too!

Anyone have a great stories about meeting Linkin Park???



i wish i could won the meet & greet, it would be really awesome, good luck with it.please if you win tell me who it is


I won a M&G selection for the M&G at the LP show at Madison Square Garden on 2/4/11. It was an amazing experience! Won a pin set there after answering a trivia question right and was given a limited edition (I guess its limited edition lol) Linkin Park sharpie marker from Hugo and a cap of another one off the M&G table that were both used by the band members which I thought was pretty fucking cool haha Don’t know which ones used them though but I can confirm that they were 100% used during the M&G. In the picture I’m in the first row right next to Brad and Rob. My leg was literally touching Brad’s back during it haha Good luck! I hope you get picked! It really is an amazing experience and an awesome perk of the LPU!


Dude M&G is awesome… :slight_smile: Thats all I can say :smiley:


That’s right! :slight_smile:


Ahhh I’m so excited I’m hoping and praying that I get to meet them…its been 10 years…my turn :smiley: PLEASE lol


I swear I could win some meet and greet tickets that would be bad.


I’ve only ever been to one! Brad was missing sadly, but the rest of the guys were there. I got first in line to get a piece of art I made for them signed. :smiley: Mike and Joe told me to stop and step back 'cause they really dug my socks, and Joe doodled a little on the art. Phoenix made a joke I can’t remember but was really funny, and Rob was quiet. When I got to Chester, he said he really liked my art and I sortof… just. LIFE. MADE. ;w; And when I told him he was my favorite, he said he had a feeling I would be like that. XD;

But yeah, that is me at my very happiest ever and forever. ;w;


Who takes the picture for you?


the only thing that I can advice - be ready 100% for the meeting :slight_smile: prepare speech, questions, pictures, albums to sign or anything u would like to present to LP at M&G, cuz i was completely unprepared for such lucky moment, so I had to spend several hours during my lunch break to find the proper poster where LPs could put their signatures :))


YES. 9 years for me. I can’t wait to finally meet them this summer.