Meet and greet


Hi my husband and I recently bought a membership but were wondering if both of us get the benefits or do we need to buy another membership?
Thank you! :slight_smile:


Another membership would be neccesary, defiitely. Also, M&Gs are picked randomly, so there’ll be a good chance that either of you would be chosen. On whose name is the membership right now: yours, or hubby’s? Theoretically, if your shared profile would be picked out of the contestants, the name on the form will be the only name and ID admitted to the actual event. There’s a strict policy for this, so no exceptions; you can’t give them away.

Also, summit tickets can be bought occasionally, but they’re scarce, sold out pretty quickly and can be expensive, but that depends on the kind of membership you’ve bought. I hope this helps and if you’ve got any further questions, I won’t bother answering them, as I’ve been around since LPU6. I kind of know the system’s F’ups by now, haha. :wink: