Meet and greets


Just throwing this out here to see what the go is…when do the emails get sent out for the meet and greet if you are lucky enough to get one…
I have put my name down for the 26/2 show in sydney and i see ppls are saying they have there emails…is this for that show or for others!!!
If its for the tuesday show why r they getting them now when it still has 8 hrs left?!?!?


I’m still hoping i get selected in case the do a redraw… if not still it’s going to be an awesome night! I’ll just try my luck again for M & G next time. but my hopes are still up for this show to be considered on M & G! fingers crossed!


They don’t always draw the meet & greet right after the contest ends. The timer for the contest is in case someone from the initial draw backs out or cannot attend. Hence why most of the time it is drawn few days before the event. So they have time to redraw extra numbers to fill up the m&g. Only rarely the initial draw will take place the day of the event.

and yeah i know a couple of people already who are going to the 26/2 M&G in sydney (today).


M&G emails are sent 2-3 days prior of the show so if you didn’t get one it means you didn’t get the M&G.


see that’s crap and a load of bs…it says it ends on a certain time it should be drawn then…I am a huge fan and I joined not only for the M&G but for everything else…Just pissed about how it all was done


Why is that crap? If you are leaving it till the last minute to enter then you have left it to late. aaronzors above is spot on


Ummmm I put my entry in as soon as the M&G came up…im just saying if the end time is the end time then that what it should be…not drawn 2days before but after the time it ‘finishes’…


so what difference does it make for you? you had the same chance as everybody else.


Thanks guys I was searching everywhere to find when they were drawn. I was worried I signed up too late (Sunday) for Perth Soundwave. 2-3 days drawn is perfect since I signed up with a week to go. Phew! Hope is not lost!


so what difference does it make for you? you had the same chance as everybody else.[/quote]

Exactly what these folks said :slight_smile: You’re probably just pissed you didn’t get it. Chill, it’s not the end of the world.


Think all questions have been answered so to refrain from further arguments starting I am closing this. If anyone have related questions, message me and I will help. Thanks.