Meet and Greets


Live nation has the option of the meet and greets for CALI I’m willing to buy one but for my brother but when it says to purchase it says will call and i have to show my id and card if i dont buy it for myself but buy another ticket still going to the show will i be able to?
If it’s to confusing I’m basically asking
Can i buy someone else a meet and greet
and buy a regular ticket myself?


In my experience this has been a non-issue. Some venues will accept a photocopy of the information. That said, if you’re going anyway, then you can just go to will call anyway. Likely you can will call both tickets? Then it’s all good! If you and your brother have the same Surname (I don’t want to be presumptuous), it’ll be less difficult.

Also, some places allow you to change the name on the ticket, to avoid these issues.

I purchase show tickets for overseas for family and find that ticketing agencies have always been able to deal with the situation one way or the other.

If in doubt call Ticketmaster…remember, you’re paying significant fees, which is for this very purpose.


Regarding to the meet and greet, I purchased 2 meet and greet tickets but I don’t know how I get the tickets…I don’t think it said it posted them but does that mean I have to go in and collect them somewhere? So confused and don’t want to end up missing it! X


I also purchased M&G tickets and I asked here the chat from LPU/ground ctrl(Need help) and they said to me, that I will get my ticket at the box office of the arena on the day of the gig. And that I have to bring my ID with XD