Meet&Greet at Rock am Ring 02.06.12 TERRIBLE AND DISAPPOINTING


Who has not won the &G with LP on 01.06.2012 with rock in the park, it does not need to be sad. The M&G was disappointing.
Only everything had to get after them the passport had and on the way to LP were about 25minutes in the cold needlessly wait (besides, I have caught cold - thanks once again!!) and if we might also do no photos at the table of the tape members or even seperate photos. We became in the assembly-line tape principle by small tent where LP at the tables sat hunted. I not even know who still where exactly sat because I so fast was forced way through. However, the photo ban counted only to the majority, because Adam did an exception. And I must say that my journey way was also more than 720 kms and, besides, my whole money has left only for this meeting. But, this made no difference. Central issue a person was preferred and all the others might stand stupidly besides and watch like she might do photos.

But Adam said yes always only, there would be no exceptions and it was not a single exception be made! But for this person… So much for this topic … I grant to this person the photos, it’s just not nice that all the other which is not the scents and still not had to watch as you make photos with some band members and likely the rest not.
You had us do not have 25 minutes in the cold stupid left lying around, everyone would have a photo or even time can 'Hi, how are you ’ to Chester &Co can say.

Oh, and a group photo was also not done. Therefore no recollection has been held on to it

There were not a LP which is friendly to fan. I will demand back my membership with LPU cancel and my money back.
Indeed, I have won tickets for the Street gig on 05.06.12 in Berlin, however, I will not probably drive.

Yesterday LP has broken to me the heart, especially Mike.



Im so sorry :frowning: Rock in Rio has no photo with the band too ¬¬ my first meet and greet and no photo for me T.T


Sorry you had a bad time!
Its a shame you didn’t get a group photo but at least you got to meet LP which is more than a lot of people so you still have your memories :slight_smile:


This was not only a bad time, this was really dreadful. I do not know who organizes this in such a way, but I could have saved this really. I have driven off during the day 3 o’clock in the morning (!!!) and have gone so many hours and kilometers because I live so far away and then such a thing!! I have proceeded my whole money for it and to buy the ticket and now I still stand there with empty hands!!! I have no photo, even where they sat only at the table. I stood there with the concert as paralyzed and have got, actually, before shock garnichts more. Then I lay in my bed and have only cried and now the tears come to me again if I remember. Why do to LP this only? Why??? I will never probably find it out, because you wins only once a M&G and I will never again be able to see them. I am so sad and shocked : ’ (


but in the end it’s the show and their music that matters isn’t it?

of course it is a pity that you had such a bad M&G experience but at least you got the chance to meet them, shake their hands, saying hello…maybe your expectations were too high prior to the M&G.

you travel that long to see a great show and the M&G is just a nice addition if you get one. That’s my point of view.

I feel sorry for you…come to the berlin show next week and have a great time with all of us!


Hard to understand with the bad english, but does sound pretty rough. I have heard plenty of meet and greets going completely different, so this must have been a rare moment and way too many people for the meet and greet. Very surprised no pictures were allowed or a group photo at least. It does sound bad, but hopefully you got to at least see them, shake hands and go to a great show.


The bad part is, I could not shake the hand still say hello! I was pushed through and could only be glad that I signed my book yet could grab me at the end of the couch before I was pushed from the tent!

I was only because of the M&G there and drive so long to this!!!
Not because of the concert, because I have that in Berlin on Tuesday. I was so happy I had the M&G won, but I have really not only my whole money procedure, but I was there and hurt can be so fooled.

I stood there in the concert and was just shocked and sad because of the lousy M&G. I have heard nothing from the concert, although I was in front of the stage. And then it was suddenly all gone, and LP left the stage, and I’ve really heard nothing from the show.

Nothing here what someone writes, can help me or comfort me. THIS SCHOULD BE THE SPECIALL MOMENT FOR A LP FAN and I’m a fan since the beginning, but that was only 5 seconds from the entrance where I was pushed for the exit.


second that

it surprises me yet another MG went bad
not just the pinkpop one

even though adam did take a group photo @ PP
the MG itself could of been WAY better


it’s a little bit hard to translate your way of english, but this is really weird… The m&g is not usually like this… :-/, on the other hand the whole rar thing was really weird this year…so…


Wooow sand to read, can´t understand, I had two great M&G Leipzig 2011 and Hamburg 2011 (with invited by Mike Shinoda). Maybe it was so because it was at a festival?


I had a meet and greet entirely canceled on me 2 days before a show. I ended up selling my tickets and not going to the show which worked out because something came up and I was busy that day anyways. But my point being that M&G’s are not a promise, but a benefit of being in the LPU. The band has to fit them around shows, traveling, interviews, and R&R so sometimes they may be short or rushed or not on schedule. It may suck but what can you do, its better then nothing!



sounds really hard, but that is how it goes,… i´ve got an M&G tomorrow at Rock im Park… what was after the m&g? did you at least get the chance to enter the first area right bevor the stage? or had you to go back to the end?


I dont know, but it is just frustrating. The 30 minutes which we are standing outsite in the cold for free after we got our passes, would have reached for more than single photos and a group photo. But the fact that one can not even say "Hir and"Bye" ist not really ok or? I give everything and ivested so much and now Im be broke und very sadly / disappointed and depresses. I have supported LP since beginning of LP and now I stand here with empty hands…


i feel sorry for that :S


I’m sorry for you :frowning:


I thought they were awesome at th erar greet, yeah they were really busy but that was because they had some interviews before we met them… And you really did meet them! I think youre actually kinda ungreatful… There were no picture coz RAR did notørovide a good enough location for it… Not LPs fault


Of course they are busy but I can`t say “bye” or something because the security keep me so fast away out there!! I was glad that I could access my book even before I was brought from the tent. But that was only luck!! It was not nice


Common misconception, you can’t catch a cold from it being cold, it needs to be passed on by someone else.


I can somewhat understand where you are coming from (if I have understood your google translate English correctly ;))

If you travel far for a M&G you have won, you do expect the experience to be unforgettable, especially if it’s your first one ever. But I also think that because it was a Meet and Greet at a Festival gig, where things might be on a tight schedule, you should be happy with what you get.

My Meet and Greet at Skive Festival wasn’t a “wow” experience either. It was awesome being face to face with the guys, shaking most of their hands, telling Phoenix that my hands were cold and hearing him say that his were too, and Chester wrote his autograph where I asked him too, but yeah, the entire atmosphere was a bit rushed and… meh… It sort of looked like they didn’t really want to be there. =/ And it was a bummer that we didn’t get a group photo with them, but oh well…

But I am happy to have met them, I don’t regret going to the M&G, because lots of people want to go but can’t, so I should be grateful, and I am. But now that my first M&G is over, I will always go for early entry at their concerts from now on. The experience of being close to the stage is 10 times better than M&G! In the end, it is the music I am coming to hear. :slight_smile:


I have also been at Rock am Ring Meet&Greet.
I shook their hands, got my Hybrid-Theory-Booklet signed _ and then left the tent to the first area in front of the stage.
Okay, there was no group-photo, but you were allowed to take your own photos.