Meet & Greet Birmingham UK


Nope, none on this end?


Nope nothing here :frowning:


I got one for the Birmingham show! Sorry for those that didn’t!


I’ve also got one for Birmingham. Can’t quite believe it.


Congrats guys


I got one for the London concert tomorrow


I didn’t win either, oh well maybe next time


I redeemed by LPU11 Meet and Greet and got an email this morning from Lorenzo and another to confirm. :slight_smile: So happy :slight_smile:

If you are at the M&G come and say hello :slight_smile:

Sorry for the ones who did not get one!!


Hey Congratulations!!

What was the email address you got the confirmation on?

or what was the subject of the email?

i just want to make sure i didn’t miss the email


It was called LPU HQ. Do check your junk mail as the other week something from the lpu went to my junk before I corrected it.


cheers, i have just checked my mail box. I didnt get any email from LPU HQ :frowning:

i hope its still on its way to me. but im not getting my hopes up


I doubt it, they sent out all the ones for the uk tour dates


@navlp Your photo looks quite familiar. Did you go to a meet and greet back in 2003 at the Birmingham NIA?


Hi Andrew :blush: yes I was there in 2003 m&g at the Nia :slight_smile:


Oh man. I just remembered. U were in the m&g queue with your sister? Zara? Sorry if I got that wrong :slight_smile:


Hey dude, yeah, my cousin Zara. You have an absolutely incredible memory!!! Nice to speak to you again after all these years.

I remember you had Numb on your arm at the time and we queued alongside you and another member called Doodle I believe. It only clicked a few days ago.

You’ve done so well getting so many M&G’s, well done. Hope you have fun on Thursday matey, I missed out on M&G this time, but am hoping to at least get a better view than I did back in 2003, as we got stuck behind the second barrier after the meet and greet.


Hey dude :slight_smile: oh wow. I am so sorry I did not recognise u earlier :slight_smile: so good to hear from you. Crazy. Yes and u remember doodle lol. Her name is kim and we kept in touch. Don’t really hear from her as much but such is life!!! I redeemed by Lpu 11 m&g and am looking forward for to seeing LP :slight_smile:

I remember u had a website somewherewebelong. Com ?? And u gave slips to lp? :slight_smile:

Anyways hope u have a fab night mate :slight_smile:

All the best dude!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hahaha, yeah, we did have the website SomewhereWeBelong for a while before life got in the way. I totally forgot about handing the printed slips to LP with the site domain on. Mike looked so confused at the time. Such a fast M&G back then, across the table and out of the door within less than 2 minutes.

Life moves fast and lots happens in 13 years!

I’m hoping that the guys keep going for many, many more years and we get to keep going to such amazing concerts. I’m proud for this Thursday to be my 10th, and I’m planning on commemorating the event with a tattoo. I was hoping to get Mike to doodle a skull for me at the M&G, but maybe next time, lol.

Hope you have a great night!


From people’s experience of a m & g. How easy is it to meet up with person/people you’ve gone to the gig with and then get a space in the crowd?

At Brixton last night some people were pushing their way to the front and they’d just come from the m&g but understandably it did annoy some people as we’d been queuing a long time to get there, but at the same time I don’t want to be stuck at the back tomorrow!


I was one of those people doing the pushing last night (sorry)… not so much to the front but into the middle from the side.We can out of the meet and greet at about 8.20pm and LP were due to be on stage at 8.30. I managed to stumble into my sister pretty easily but that was just luck I think. I expect at an arena it may be more difficult as they often have additional barriers to break up the crowd and once it’s full they’ll not let anyone else in. You may want to check the set-up with the venue.

It’s not too hard to get a space if you’re okay with annoying people :stuck_out_tongue: