Meet & Greet Birmingham UK


Yeah thank you I think I’ll ask the venue or maybe Lorenzo at the time. Just a bit worried about my sister as she’s not even really a fan she’s just coming with me to be nice.

And don’t worry I actually wasn’t affected by the people moving, somehow I had only shorter people in front of me for once which was a bit of a result.


Hiya, what is Lorenzo’s twitter? (sorry a bit new here!) :frowning:


It’s @lorenzoerr :slight_smile:


Thanks mate :slight_smile:


Anyone had the m&g on the day email yet?


Not yet :frowning: I think it will be mid to late afternoon before we see any email !!!


Just had mine come through.


Guess have to wait until it comes through :slight_smile:


Has anyone else still not got there’s? My phone internet is not great and still haven’t got one through yet.


Check junk mail. I got mine over an hour ago!


Just rechecked and it was in my junk mail, panic over! My phone is just a bit hopeless, thanks! See you there I’ll be in a hunting party lpu tee. Excited!!


Nice to meet you at the meet and greet :slight_smile: your tat from Mike was awesome :slight_smile:


You too thank you! I’ll try get some pics up when I get it finished. Did you enjoy the show, whereabouts did you end up?


The show was awesome. We had seated so I could chill out for about 10 MINS lol before they came on. Did u get to the front? How was show for u? And when u get your tat u defo have show me pwease :wink:

I will get some pics and some vids uploaded soon :slight_smile:


Will do! Couldn’t get too near the front unfortunately, just to the right of the stage but still enjoyed it! Looking forward to the meet and greet photos!


That was a really great meet and greet! Can’t believe Chester fulfilled my request for a Manchester tribute before OML, top guy :slight_smile:

Great crowd in the meet and greet this time! And we got free water! Haha


That was awesome of you. Truly epic request. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: awww glad u still had fun and enjoyed the show :slight_smile: I know can’t wait for pics :slight_smile: hope u well :slight_smile:


Was good to meet everyone, had an awesome time. My first M&G and it was amazing.


not sure if we met. But probs seen u at M&G :slight_smile: