Meet & Greet Birmingham UK

So I got it done quickly. Here’s just the outline, I’m going to get colour added later, just had to get the outline done before it faded. So happy to have it on me though!


First ever M & G and what an amazing time i had it was awesome. Still cant quite believe i spoke to every member of LP,
Hope everyone else who was there enjoyed it.


It was really good, I didn’t realise they would come round each person individually, I thought they might all come out together and we would only get to talk to a couple of them. Definitely exceeded expectations :blush:


Thank you for sharing this with me. Looks so epic. I was speaking to brother and friends about it and said what an epic gift and what a story you can share with others. " I have a tatto designed by Mike Shinoda "

Happy for you!!! :slight_smile:


This M and G was awesome :slight_smile: Last time at the NIA the whole experience lasted 2 mins. A girl cried at the end of the last one as she could not get pics as the NIA staff moved us along so quick :frowning:


@navlp @ljhowell The tattoo :slight_smile: Knew I saw it somewhere before ahh


Nice pic dude :slight_smile: and well spotted :slight_smile: :wink:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: @ljhowell @smarky2


@aaran have some Crisp :wink:


Ah haha he nearly forgot me. I took smokey bacon even though I don’t like that flavour LOL. Didn’t even eat it, was wayyyy to nervous. You took photos? I was worried they might see and throw me out haha


Did a good ole sneaky one…lol :smiley: I think they don’t mind as long as you don’t do it when the band come out :slight_smile:


I’ll remember for next time :slight_smile: Hopefully I can get salt and vinegar next time…


My Vids from Birmingham. They are not great but the audio is good :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:


Here are two of my videos from Birmingham. The rest that I have all have me singing over them, and that’s not fair on anybody to have to listen to hahaha


Brad :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: (don’t mind me :grinning:)


Awesome!!! :slight_smile:


Hey all. Great Pics from the Meet and Greet. You all look fabulous :wink: :smiley:


The photos are great. As if this was a week ago already though.