Meet & Greet @Bucharest, June 6th


I have a couple of questions:

  1. Will there be a Meet & Greet at Bucharest?

  2. If I buy my LPU membership now, it won’t arrive until after the event at Bucharest.
    How could I attend the Meet & Greet, in case there will be one, without the laminate?



Hello Sergiu

  1. There will be a M&G in Bucharest. See here

  2. You won’t need your laminate for the M&G i think, only for the early entrance.
    For the M&G, if they select you, all you need is the printed e-mail with the confirmation. Someone correct me if i’m wrong.


You can most likely bring the reciept from your purchase… I am not positive, but that is just a guess. I might ask, if possible :wink:


Thanks for the info :smiley:


Also remember to bring some form of picture ID. :slight_smile: