Meet & Greet Cologne


According to the Topic “Shinoda in Germany” the mails are out. One guy got his mail.
I don’t have one. Well, I have another chance in Offenbach.

What about you guys? Any mails?


I’m selected for Cologne!!! I am the happiest person on this planet right know :blush:


Nope none.
But congrats to all who won. Although it seems none of here won


Okay I was too quick. When did you get your mail?
A thousand hugs for you :heart:


I got the mail like 40 minutes ago, so 9pm German time.


Congrats :slight_smile:


Well, at least I can turn off my laptop now and go to bed.
Congratulations to anyone who won. Have fun!


Heard about another guy and he got it around that time, too. So they sent them all at once.
There goes my hope…
But still super happy someone from here made it


No mail for me yet :disappointed_relieved:


Congratulations to anyone who won! I don’t have a Mail. :\


Congratulations to anyone who won! I don’t have an e-mail too :frowning:
Guys! Maybe someone knows. Will be an early entry for members of the LPU?


Would be great but don’t think so…


Hey Magda, what time are planing to go the venue? If u wanna hang out with me and the other polish girl, hit me up :wink:


I have no idea, but I would love to join with you guys :slight_smile: Where and what time will you meet tomorrow? :slight_smile: You can send me mail:


No they don‘t do that…wasn‘t so in Europe…sometimes the m&g people got inside first to do the m&g and to get to the first row , they even got to see the soundcheck. so if you wanna be somwhere in some of the front rows, u gotta be there early. We were there at 8.00 a.m!!! The show started at 8:00 p.m. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: