Meet & Greet Dallas, TX Question


This is my first time attending a Linkin Park concert. I bought meet & greet tickets for the concert this Saturday (September 6th) in Dallas, TX. The email I received when I bought them said I would be receiving an email a week before the concert with details on the meet & greet but I haven’t gotten anything yet.

Has anyone received anything? Also, my tickets are being held at the venue for pickup the day of the event but does anyone know if I could possibly pick them up before that? Maybe the day before the event? I tried calling the venue but no one picked up.


I didn’t purchase the same package you did however, the details I got for a regular M&G was sent the same day as the show (morning I believe) so I would check everyday until the show if you still haven’t gotten it yet. I know it isn’t the same but M&G info goes to lottery and VIP (same info) the only difference (from what I saw) was that VIP get in first (with everyone that bought VIP) then regular lottery M&G gets in to meet the band, but we were all told where to meet up at the same place.

Picking it up early: That depends on the venue itself, you should call again. :slight_smile: I would think it’s possible though if you have the card you purchased it with and ID.


Oh ok, thanks so much for the info! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


No problem! :smiley: Maybe I’ll see you there!