Meet & Greet/Early Entry


I’m going to the Nashville m&g tomorrow, and I was wondering if out group will get lead to the stage first? I reaaaally need to be at the barricade because I’m awfully short :frowning: So if you went to the Orlando meet and greet yesterday, let me know!!


I have never heard of M&G members getting early access too, but you guys might be the first. I hope you get a better place to watch LP. Enjoy :smile:


I was wondering this as well. .


Will the Nashville concert tomorrow have early entry for LPU members? I have the digital membership and I will need to get a membership for my guest if they do have early entry.

Please help the noobie


Yes. Go to for details. Print out your proof of purchase and bring an I.D!


Sinkorsw1m, I looked at the link you send and it is for the show on the 15th. I will be going to the show on the 17th. When to they usually update the page? Thanks again.


Yes! They update the page every time there’s a new show.