Meet & Greet First Impression?


Hey Lpuers!

What did you think of the guys when you met them ? (Probably been asked before)

I met lp back in the days when they were hiding behind a table and had the Impression that they were pretty shy. Plus i met Fort minor now twice and thought mike has opened up a bit more compared to 2005! Although i did notice that he kinda just went past fans without saying really hello and other fans he even gave a hug which i found weird cause i thought you werent allowed to hug the guys but anyway

how did you feel when you met lp or fort minor or dead by sunrise and how did they react?


I was not at the meeting, but recently my drawing was given to Chester. When I saw the photo of Chester with my drawing my heart almost stopped. I was scared and joyful :no_mouth:


Meeting the band itself was pretty awesome, but I can say that the M&G experience itself could have been improved. The band is busy though and I’m sure they try their hardest to make things work


I think the same as @TripleXero, I love that they still do it for us, I can feel a bit with band and staff, cause I had these awesome experiences at Berlin FM Concert & LPU prem pack and I´m dead… I´m filled up with power and luck which I can go on in my everydaylife, but my whole body is DEAD, and I´ve only two concerts, band and staff even every day another and a bunch of other things to do. I made the exp. if you ask them when they past you and greet them, they are friendly and you get an answer sure from every bandmember, so if you are dissapointed, don´t worry, mb the second time will be more funny & pleasure for ya! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was amazing. Just getting to finally meet them after years of waiting and tell them a simple thank you is just… I’m just grateful I had the chance to do so.

The m&g process was good, even though the m&g was a bit rushed cause the boys were late, they all took enough time with everyone. Joe actually went through the line twice and joked around with some people. Only “bad” thing was that Brad only came out for the group photo and didn’t stick around for the signing part, but it’s ok. It was the time he hurt his back and he wasn’t feeling 100% so he went back to their dressing rooms.

The one thing I’d try to change would be the checking in process. It took Missy way too long to check IDs and confirmation mails. I think they can come up with a faster way to do it (digitally maybe?) so that a) the actual m&g lasts longer, b) have more time in case of emergencies such as the band arriving late or whatever, c) less stressful and nerve wracking for both the staff and the fans.


I only met Mike Shinoda / Fort Minor at Scala . I thought he was really nice and patient - for example , I asked him if he could add a new song from the poll and he suggested to play Step Up but told me he didn’t really remember the lyrics and laughed when I suggested him to wing it ! (he didn’t play the song afterwards because he explained during the show that he didn’t have the music with him) then afterwards I was a little upset because the signature on my ticket got dirty fast so I ran to him after he was done with everyone and asked him to sign the laminate instead when I showed him the dirty signature and was kind enough to accept (considering only one item was allowed to get signed) even accepted to take a solo picture with me after ! (i saw him doing solo pictures with fans and got upset I didn’t ask one when he signed my ticket) , so I had an awesome first impression of him for being that cool and patient - but I don’t think I would meet the whole band as I would rather have the early entry and see the show at the front then having to “meet” the whole band because that would imply a lot more people and i don’t see the point of meeting them if you can’t have an actual conversation with them or have solo pictures so and then watch the show from the back of the Arena. I got very lucky with Mike but I think that is it for me haha


I think all of them are really nice, some of them are a little shy, others are really really sweet and I’m very happy and lucky to have been able to meet my favorite band that always meant the world to me. I can’t even explain how grateful I feel after this experience. I think that they really care about the fans and what we have to say. I would say in my experience Chester and Dave were the sweetest. :slight_smile:


@Christopher_Wharton Depends on what you mean with “actual conversation”. If you are not shy and actually try to talk to them they’ll be more than happy to answer a couple questions and start small talk. Also, security usually leads you to the front of the stage after the m&g so you can be as close as possible.

@Meta_Pavlin Agreed. Chester, Dave and Mike were the kindest to me too. They’re amazing people. I respect them a little more ever since I met them in person.


You get the front ? I thought when you did Meet & Greet with LP it was while the doors were opening so you were at teh back afterwards ?


The m&g takes place during the set of the opening act, literally 30-40min before LP hits the stage.
In my m&g, they led us to the very front when we got done and I’ve heard other people mention that they do this.


oh wow ! definitely applying for M&G next year then ! :smiley:


That’s interesting! :hushed: Well, it depends from show to show then as I have a couple of friends in Moscow who were selected to attend a M&G and there you are getting sent right at the back of the crowd when you are finished. So basically while M&G lasts the rest of the crowd are getting in the venue.


Yeah, me too :slight_smile:


It depends on the security at the venue, if the communication btw. them and LP, what means in Fact the organosor of the venue&concert. It can happen, that you enter the venue then at last, but we soldier enter never at least, so stay together, contact the HQ with your feedbacks from several countries, so they can do it better next time. I was in Berlin and it was in site of a really unprofessional security everything “masterplanned” , we had FOS after the m&g, thanks again @LPUHQ !!! Errors should be made to get better thrue them, I think.


Yes, it definetely depends on the show and venue but I’ve seen it happen in most cases. I knew there was no way to miss the front row spots at my show since the FOS was reserved for the LPU only.

Other people “cheat” and get up front. Friends of mine that weren’t taken to the front after their m&gs simply showed their laminates to the security staff and they let them through. Plus, you can always just push your way though the crowd :wink:


It was an interesting experience. The whole process however was a little awkward I must admit. I really looked forward to the day, but now that it is over I’m not sure how to feel about it. I personally like the band because of the music they make, especially the lyrics made some days a little brighter to me. I’m not the celebrity loving kind of guy you must know.

Anyway, the room we stayed in was completly empty, and we stood on the wall for about 10 minutes when the band came in. It was so quite that everyone could hear you breathing. I hoped that I would be actually able to have a conversation to them, but you can’t expect more than just smalltalk I guess. Either way, it’s just awkward to me to talk to someone I know through music so well, but personally I have no clue who the guy is who stands in front of me, plus everyone hears what you’re saying so no chance for heartbreaking stories. XP

Everything seemed like a routine to the guys, they just passed us signing our things. The LPU organisator didn’t even know the city they were playing at. The band members themselves were okay. Chester and Mike were really nice (f.e.: I asked Mike if they could play “The Untitled” instead of the original “In the end”), but Hahn was a little rude to me… But I’m not mad, I’m just one of million faces he sees every day, I think he doesnt even realize how much such a short conversation can impact on me.

I wished the whole thing could have been a little more personal. I wish I could just send them a letter or so, because I think Meet and Greets are just to short for me.

But I also realize that this is not so easy for a band of this size, I mean imagine flying form city to city every two days. Anyway enough of me already, maybe you guys have better experiences! Maybe I just don’t fit for M&G^^


I love it ‘Lpuers!’@Jenny89 :smiley:


Hey! Thanks for your note. Which city was your Meet & Greet in? I assure you the LPU team always knows what city we are in. You can always send fan mail to LPU HQ as well.

-Lorenzo / LPU HQ


it was an unforgettable show, just amasing,it was not my first concert but it was my first meet and greet and i will never forget and it was in Rome last september :smile:
thank you for this osmosis… i have loved this meeting…strongly the next tour and the nex meet :slight_smile: sandy


Hey thanks for the reply! It was in Vienna, I think last year, but it’s no big deal really. I didnt want to paint an irritating picture, I was really satisfied with having the chance to attend in the first place. :smile: