Meet & Greet for Carnivores US tour


Didn’t see a post on this, so I figured i’d ask!

Who was selected for meet & greet? I was checking my email this morning (half asleep!) and saw that I was selected. I read over it two or three times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things! Then I started freaking out LOL. I’m attending the Tampa, FL show this weekend. SO excited!


yup got picked for charlotte, will be cool. excited for the concert!


Normally they send out the emails about a week before your show. Congrats to you both. Hope I see one of those soon.


I havent seen anyone else ask this but, has anyone ever got an email from them a couple days later? Like if some people never confirmed and cant make it?


I received one for the Tampa show. But the email says that if you didn’t purchase a seated ticket you could lose your place at the venue? I paid $136 to be in the VIP GA section right in front of the stage. Does this mean that I won’t be in that section if time of M&G conflicts with show start time, and will have to be stuck in regular GA? Or that I will still be in VIP GA but would lose my standing spot in the section and would just have to mosh my way to the front, because I can do that. If anyone knows I could really use that information.


In the past you have to leave your GA area to do the M&G. They do that during one of the other acts performances. So you will have to mosh your way back up.


Does anyone know if M&G for this tour will be before or after doors open? Since I purchased a VIP package that says M&G with early entry, I was hoping I could meet the band before the doors open so I can secure a front barricade spot. I hope the M&G isn’t during AFI or 30STM’s performances. Alongside LP, those are a couple of my favorite bands ever. Does anyone know?


From what I have heard they do their meet n greet during the opening acts. I was told if u get meet n greet u pretty much forfeit a good spot. I had my name in the lottey until I found that out. So I took my name off the list so that wouldn’t happen t


I was just at West Palm Meet & greet. We went in very early. Long wait. Other bands went on. Yes, pit had others+ us for the warm up bands-post M&G we just had to ‘work our way into the crowd’ but was ok. Too bad Chester was not at M&G & not himself on stage. Hope he feels better. Others covered & was still super concert.


Hi Everyone,

I’m attending the Aug. 19th Concert in NYC, I haven’t received any emails yet and the day is almost here. If anyone has received some details via email to other M&G can you share here ?

Also I hope some of the info in this Forum gets to the band, I don’t think is fare if we are taken out of our sections for the M&G during the show, we paid for both the M&G and the concert in one ticket, I wouldn’t want to miss the other bands so I hope they do it differently this year.

Thanks in advance.


Make sure you check your email a few hours before the show!! I am so disappointed that I missed the M&G last night because they sent the email at 2:00pm! I had to pick up friends so it took 2 hours to get there and I didn’t check my email!! Please don’t miss out like I did!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I missed it!! ???


Going to the M&G in Virginia - Jiffy Lube show!!!


I got selected for the Bristow show too. Any idea when we might be getting the day-of-show e-mail with location/time details? This is my first M&G. Thanks!


Were winners announced for the Dallas show? and when?


Anyone know with the paid meet and greet is the same time as the LPU one? I was under the impression they weren’t .


At the Tampa M&G we all met together with the VIP ticket holders, but they were escorted to the M&G location first and had their own M&G and later on LPU representatives (Lorenzo and more) came back to escort us to the M&G location. We all meet at the same location (check your email to know the details) but we have separate M&Gs. Hope that answered your question. :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

I was wondering what would happen if someone bought the VIP ticket and then won the lottery.


I went to the M&G for the first concert of the tour in West Palm, FL. I have never seen Linkin Park live or done a M&G with any band. LP has been my favorite all-time band for years. However, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed in how everything was run and organized for their first concert of the Carnivores tour. I have wanted to do a M&G with Linkin Park since I was a child, and finally at 25 I was able to save the money to make the trip ( I currently live in KY). We were told to be there at 4:30 pm. The meet and greet was supposed to start at 7:15pm which was DURING the concert. The schedule of things had me a bit perplexed. I had paid good money to see a full concert (30 Seconds to Mars is a favorite). I was assured, however, that we would miss one, MAYBE two, of Mars’ songs. As we stood in line waiting for the LP M&G, Mars came on. We stood in line and they played…and played… We were not let in until 8:30pm. No explanations. No, “We’re sorry this is taking so long, but the reason is…” Nothing. Finally we were ushered in to a waiting tent. As we stood there for another 15 minutes, Mars completed their performance. Everyone waiting in my group was very upset. Firstly, the M&G had been scheduled during the Mars performance. Secondly, we waited over an hour past when the M&G was supposed to start, causing us to miss the entire Mars performance. Thirdly, we were offered no common courtesy, explanation, apology, etc. When LP finally came in for the M&G, Chester was not there because he was sick. I understand he was unable to come out and greet us, but it would have been nice if someone could have at least given us the heads up, especially since we were missing another performance to wait to see all of LP. The M&G was not at all like I have heard the LP M&G’s described. I know that since everything was running late, they must have been pressed for time, but it was barely a “signing.” Definitely no meet and greet. The majority of the guys didn’t even make eye contact or manage a “hi.” I cannot verbalize how disappointed I was. I had waited years for this opportunity and spent hundreds of dollars to miss the majority of the concert and have a CD signed by some of the LP members.
The performance itself was somewhat disappointing because Chester was not feeling well. Mike really seemed to carry it. I felt so bad for Chester. He had to take frequent breaks and had to be helped off stage multiple times by someone. It seemed like he was straining for every song. I’m so appreciative that he pushed himself to perform for us. It meant so much to me and those around me. I really hope he recovered quickly and that there wasn’t anything too serious that was wrong.
The overall experience was sorely disappointing. I wish things had been handled better by those orchestrating events. I understand that LP really had no control over the events and I do not blame them for what happened. I hope that a M&G is NEVER AGAIN scheduled during a concert. I hope LP tours the US next year so I can have another opportunity to see them.