Meet&Greet how does it work?


Hey guys,I’ve got a little problem :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got the chance to have a Meet&Greet for Rock am Ring,just want to ask how I works with the pass? I’m from germany so do I get a E-mai,a letter or a package? Would be nice if u could help,cause I have some problem with a package from the US and still think that it can’t be the LPU11 package

thank you :slight_smile:


Wolfgang, you’ll recieve an email if you got selected to attend to the M&G!

Don’t worry, 'cause they’ll explain everything to you on the mail.
You wont need the LPU11 Package, so don’t worry!

You just have to wait for the mail!
Good luck


yes thanks;) but don’t had worries about the LPU11,just thought I would recieve directly the Meet&Greet Pass:P
But okay,thank you


The M&G pass will be handed to you at the venue, most likely at the information stand, prior to the actual M&G. But all of the relevant information will be in the e-mail you receive, if you’re chosen for the M&G. :slight_smile:

All you need is some kind of photo ID, like a passport, drivers license, student card, your M&G confirmation e-mail and your ticket to Rock am Ring. :slight_smile:


Here’s the great read on majority of questions covered -