Meet & Greet - How does it work?


Hello guys, have u ever been to a meet and greet with the band? How does it work? i mean, do they offer meet and greet chances for all concerts? If so, how to get the chance?


I’m sure there are a bunch of threads with the same topic you can look at for more info, but long story short, you need to be a LPU member to have a chance at a m&g. If you are, you enter a random draw and if you’re lucky, you get selected. The band does m&gs in every concert, circumstances of one not happening are very slim.


When the band does eventually start touring again, events and concerts will start to appear on the Contests page, find your show, then there should be an option to enter the meet and greet pool.

Then, it’s basically just a matter of luck to wait and see if you get randomly chosen.