Meet&Greet in Europe. Have you got selected?


I’m so excited…


Sucks that we have to wait until 17 March to find out, I’m gonna be so nervous about it…


What country?


Netherlands :3


Aww you have to wait a bit but it’s like 2 days after the last one in Italy :heart_eyes:


Meee for tomorrow show in Milan! :sob:


I got my invite…!!!..holy shit…!!..I added my response in the other topic regarding the M & G with Mike. I did however fail to add something on my other post, as long as it is…!!..Anyone else from NY who might actually be going, we should def talk…!!..ok, like I said in my other post after getting the invite, Step 1) CALM THE FK DOWN…!!…then you guys can read the other 5 or 6 steps I put down on the other reply I just added…Peace…Mark…


So, I met Mike in Luxembourg yesterday and was wondering how long it usually takes LPU staff to send the photos/ link of the session. Can’t wait…thx guys


I got them 2 days after the concert (in the morning); but I did win my entry to the M&G in an unconventional way so I might have got them at a different time from the others since I had a different contact person.


I got them 24 hours after the M&G in Hamburg.
But since they’re having a day off today, I guess it could take a while longer. :slight_smile:


Alright, I’ll be patient. Thx for the quick responses everyone!