Meet & greet London 23rd pics? & thanks


Just wanted to say thanks to the other members from the meet & greet last night, they were all friendly esp Natalie who me and my brother met up with so she wasn’t alone… Made a good friend there and the couple from Taunton who I didn’t catch your names sorry, thanks for making the night even better for us! :blush:
Also did anyone manage to sneak any pictures during meet & greet as seen a girl takin some snaps when I was talking to Mike n would love the pics!


Lorenzo said the pictures will be uploaded today :smile:


It was really awesome. Such a pleasure to meet the guys last night. Can’t wait to see the pictures;)


Can’t wait to see the pics. My kids had the best time :slight_smile: Me too!


Photos are up from the meet and greet! :smile:


yeah M&G was good, everyone was very friendly =)