Meet&Greet - London


Has anyone got emails for M&G yet? I dont know if i didnt get picked or they havent sent out the emails yet…



The contest hasn’t closed yet. Winners will probably hear Friday at the earliest.

Good luck!


The results haven’t been published yet. We’ll know by 7:00pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 CST according to the info on the entry. That’s 2am Thursday for CET time.


Anyone get an email overnight? I didn’t get anything :sleepy:


Neither :disappointed: maybe next time


Maybe they have been sent out yet


I don’t think the London ones will be sent until tomorrow. Paris haven’t been sent yet.


Awesome fingers crossed. Thanks for the update


I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of emails going out immediately after the comp closes. They go out 1-2 days before the show.


Feeling nervous waiting to here if any one has won, I can’t wait until Sunday :smiley_cat:


I’ve never won, and each time I tell myself to try not to worry about it, because it doesn’t help. Then I get to this point and I check my emails every 3 minutes :joy::joy::joy:


If that isn’t me right now I don’t know what is :joy::joy:


literally had no sleep last night coz i kept on thinking about this :frowning: fingercrossed guysss


I’ve meet lots of famous people doing working comic cons, but i’d Be so nervous if I ever meet mike :smiley_cat:


I haven’t heard back either. Going to stay hopeful though :heartpulse:


Still no email… fingers crossed!!


Good luck to everybody then!! Fingers crossed!! And let’s keep each other updated with the email :crossed_fingers::heart:


Honestly last time I was selected I don’t really remember how much time it took them to send out the e-mails. But being Paris on Saturday, If they haven’t sent them yet it might take a day or two more for the London’s to be sent.


I signed up for the one in Amsterdam and it said that we would get a mail 2-3 days before the show if you got selected. So maybe that helps you guys a bit


They won’t send the confirmation mails immediately. They will about a day or so before show.