Meet&Greet - London


I’ve heard nothing yet, i’m buzzing to see if i get chosen, would mean the world, mike and LP are the driving forces in my life that inspired me to make my own music, the mans literally my hero


From experience its usually 2 days prior so will most likely tomorrow emails sent out


I haven’t got any emails yet, I’m assuming I haven’t got the m&g :pensive: this will be the 4th time in a row​:persevere:


I think emails have gone out as I won a meet and greet, sorry if you didn’t it sucks but thought you’d like to know


Well done Claire. I’ve failed yet again, but really pleased for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Andrew sorry you didn’t


It’s okay, I’m used to failing with them lol


I didn’t get an email :disappointed:


Congratulations Claire xx


No luck for me as usual! see you sunday ang congratz to who has been choosen!


Thank you x


Came here to see if they had gone out! Looks like they have? Oh well… I don’t mind too much as if your in M&G it’s harder to get a good spot at the show!

Was more interested to know if I needed to find a copy of Post Traumatic on vinyl somehow to get signed!

I’ve had two meet and greets before, so that’s fine :slight_smile:


This year the meet and greeters get front row…


m&g are before the show this tour and so they get frontrow at the show as well


Well damn… haha lucky people, i miss early entry.

Guess i’m going to have to queue from the point i get there for several hours and still not have a great spot! Show will be awesome though I am sure!


dammit ugh, lucky people


Congrats everyone, who got in! Hope you all have a great time <3


What time does the M&G start?


They will email you that info on the day of the event.


Are you serious? I purposefully didn’t enter the m&g because we wanted to queue and get a good spot! :sob: (in the past I’ve been quite lucky with m&gs :joy:) that’s a bit off I think…