Meet & Greet Lottery (Rocklahoma)


The meet and greet contest lottery had Rocklahoma 2015 and Rock In Rio plus plenty more… and now it suddenly doesn’t… Any comments? Does this normally happen when they take off a meet and greet date?


Rock in Rio ended last night. That may be why that one is gone.


Yeah pretty sure Rock in Rio ended Sunday night some time. Not sure if/when announcements for that though.


Announcement isn’t usually till the week prior to the event. Last Sept I won one and I had the email a few days before the event. The detailed email of when and where did not arrive till 3 hrs before the gates opened.


Wait…I already missed my chance to sign up for Rock In Rio? I thought that was going until like 2 weeks before. I never saw anything saying it was open for it :frowning:


Yeah I want to know the same thing about the “contests” that have all been removed - the one for Rock On The Range wasn’t supposed to end for 2 days, and now it has disappeared too. What are they going to do about the few of us who were entered in them before they were removed?


Ya I think they closed well before they were supposed to :frowning:


Anyone have any info on a meet & greet opportunity at Rocklahoma?


I think they mentioned in the other post that there was a glitch with some so it may be coming up later


Thank you!!


Any update on this for rocklahoma m&g? It’s only showing to sign up for a show on 6/25 in Monterrey