Meet&Greet Maximus Festival Argentina


Hi everyone!
Maximus Festival - Argentina is coming (6th May) and we’re so anxious for the Meet&Greet with the band!
But we’re kind of confuse, cause all the M&G events are announced, and none of them is for the Maximus Festival.
In others topics I read that usually one week before the show they send you an email and let you know all the details and if you win a chance to meet the band.
But honestly, I’m not so sure about it.

So, pleeeease we have to get our meet & greet at the Maximus festival Argentina! Cause for many of us is the first time that we are getting the opportunity to participate, and of course is our dream come true meet the band :heart:️:sob:

So if anyone has any information about this, pleaaase leave your comment below!! The argentinian soldiers will appreciate it :grin::+1:t3:


Yeah. I am as confused as you are. So if there is anyone who could provide with some information , the better. Thanks!


I’m worried too


LPU has a habit of announcing meet and greets very last-minute.


The Chilean M&G is not confirmed either, i’m beginning to get worried here…


Oh man :pensive: In case you receive any notification from LPU please let us know! You guys are so lucky to have a LP concert and not a Festival :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the same, but is atrange to have some info about the M&G,in two weeks is the show.
I hope some news soon :innocent:


I hope they give us some news about the M&G soon


Yeah I hope so too :disappointed:


Between the anxiety and worry I’m doubting of everything :frowning:


I’m going to Maximus Festival in Brazil and I’m just worried about it like you guys. Kinda anxious :sweat:


The festival will be in Buenos Aires first, so any info that the band confirmed, we will tell you :+1:t3:


Are you LPU? Where are you from?


Yes, I am. I am from Argentina!


We have a Facebook group, to know each other before the M&G or for any answer about LPU


I’m anxious and worried too :weary:


I assume that you have to sign on the m&g section once it’s available, just one week left for the maximus fest Argentina and nothing happens, please, let us know something​:pray:


Thanks, I will :blush:


Hi! I read in Lorenzo’s twitter that all the m&g contests for the South American tour will be posted today (Monday 1st). I hope they are 'cause they were supposed to be posted last Friday and then Lorenzo said they had to postpone it. I’m anxious and I hope I win the m&g :joy::black_heart:


hi! I asked to be accepted in the Facebook group but I haven’t been yet. My name there is Marcela Cabrera. I hope you can accept me or something :black_heart: